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PO Box 550 Bohemia, NY 11716
President Nicole Palumbo
P. 516.578.3580
E. theboard@letipbohemia.com
Meeting Day: Wednesday
Meeting Time: 7:01-8:31am
Bohemia, New York Chapter
Meeting are at The Airport Diner
3760 Veterans Memorial Hwy,
Bohemia, NY ‎
Diner 631-585-8404
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About Us

Long Island Bohemia Chapter Created: June 2008

Location of Meeting: Airport Diner, Bohemia, NY - Directions & Map

We are a group of dedicated local business men and women that meet once a week to have breakfast together and share "tips". Our meetings have structure and are governed by officers, such as a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. Our purpose is to "network" together and help one another by providing genuine business "tips" to one another. This is done in several important ways.

1. Each meeting starts with members arriving approximately fifteen minutes early to begin the networking process and meet new guests. Everyone is met by an appointed "greeter" who's job it is to make sure that he/she shakes everyone's hand and that guests are welcomed and get name tags. A table has already been set up by the "showboater" of the day, that contains any printed materials that might be helpful in understanding the "showboaters" business.

2. Meetings always begin promptly at 7:01 AM, as they also end promptly at 8:31 AM. This insures every member that they can make business appointments without fear of being late. Breakfast is ordered immediately after opening. Guests are not charged for breakfast at their first meeting.

3. All guests are introduced by the person who invited them and they are encouraged to tell the group about their business and how we could help them.

4. Chapter business is discussed and reports are given in a timely manner.

5. As breakfast is served one member of the group that was previously chosen as the "speaker" gives a ten minute presentation about their business, it's products and/or services and how the group could help them. This is followed by a brief question and answer period whose length is watched and controlled by the sergeant at arms.

6. Everyone is asked to bring a small supply of business cards which are passed around the tables for everyone to take one. In turn, others business cards are kept by members and guests for future contact.

7. Thirty Second Commercials - each guest and member will be given the chance to stand up and give the group a thirty second commercial about their business.

8. "Tips" are passed - everyone who has a "tips" for another member will give a written copy of their "tips" to the tipee. The tip form contains two copies allowing the "tipper" to keep one, and the other copy goes to the "tip master", who keeps accurate records as to who many tips are passed and by who.

9. Visitations - another method of getting members to learn all they can about the other members businesses is to assign visitations. Once a month, a member will be required to visit the members business who was assigned to them by the visitation chairman. These visitations are discussed at one meeting a month allowing the visitor to review what he or she experienced and learned on their visitation.

10. Power partnerships are encouraged between members to further help each other in getting "tips" to each other.

11. Mixers - Once every three months, we all meet at a different location, chosen and arranged for by the "mixer chairperson". These mixers are advertised, flyers created and faxes sent to prospective new members, inviting them to attend and see what our organization is about. These are usually much larger events with a lot of networking. Each mixer usually results in new members joining our group. The more members we have, the stronger we are, and the more "tips" that are passed. This function is again free to all guests and accounted for in the members quarterly dues, as are all breakfasts' at normal meetings. Usually, these meetings are attended by our areas LeTip ambassador and/or our regional director.

12. Web Site - the site you are on, not only helps to explain what we are all about and entice new members. It also is a great tool for current members. Our "members only" area contains:
Meeting Minutes - Minutes from the last meeting in case there is info that you are in need of.
Group Schedule - who will be next meetings "Showboater", "Presenter" and "Greeter".
Tip Area - this area contains an electronic version of our tip form. It will allow a tip to get to a members E-mail instantly, so that he/she may act on it ASAP. A copy will also go to the "Tip Master". This area will also have all the records being kept by our "Tip Master" as to how many "tips" have been passed, to who and by whom.
Excused Absence Form - LeTip members are serious about LeTip meetings and absences must be legitimate and excused. Our members only area has a form that can be submitted, which will send your reason for missing a meeting to the groups secretary.
There are various forms that LeTip International supplies it's groups for various purposes. All these forms are downloadable from this area.

As you can see, our group and the LeTip organization is very serious about "putting dollars into our pockets". You will not find another organization on Long Island, that is more dedicated to helping it's members meet new contacts and help their business make more money. Why don't you come and have breakfast on us, you will make some new contacts which in turn, will help your business grow. Click Here to make a reservation for one of our meetings or to attend the next mixer.

Let LeTip Bohemia Help You Grow Your Business!

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